Logistic Centre renders the following terminal services:

 Covered rolling stock

- piece-and-packeeged and piece cargoes

- Cargoes in bags (sacks) with additional loading

- Cargoes on pallets and in packages, including two levels

- Bulk cargoes in specialized  rolling-stock (hoppers) and transported in the covered wagons;

- Dangerous, explosive cargoes.

Open rolling stock

- heavy-weighted containers

- Metal and hardware

- Round wood and saw-timbers

- Military engineering

- transloading of  heavy weighted, long and over-sized cargoes (weight of one place up to 160 tons)

Specialized rolling-stock

- transloading of bulk cargoes by pneumoinstallation "NEURO", including grain.

 Contract draft on rendering of terminal services of JSC  "Zakarpatinterport"

Contract draft on rendering of terminal services of LLC  "Variant - Logistic"




License AB 416503 dd 19.08.2008 issued by Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine

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