Warehouse complex at st. Chop

"Zakarpatinterport" Ltd. offers for rent covered capital warehouses at st. Chop. GPS (48.436915, 22.196783)

The production site has everything you need to organize the transshipment of goods from / to vehicles, as well as providing storage both in covered warehouses and on an open under crane platform.

In stock:

- high reloading platform equipped with a canopy, total area 4922 m2,

- capital warehouse with a total area of 1224 m2, which if necessary can be splitted on 2 separate warehouses on 600 m2 by means of double-leaf gate on the electric drive;

- crane with a lifting capacity 32 t;

- the territory is fenced and guarded around the clock;

- small forklifts;



Рампа под навесом
Подкрановая площадка
Рампа под навесом





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